We cultivate compassion, confidence, and joy of learning.

We are a Montessori school.

Our Toddler, Primary, and Elementary School programs follow the values and philosophy of Maria Montessori and are rooted in her scientific methods.

Our Middle School program acts as a bridge between our Montessori levels and the competitive independent and public high schools our graduates attend.

The social and emotional components of this bridge are anchored in Montessori philosophy to ensure a safe and vibrant community for our students.

The academic components of this bridge reflect the best in innovative and progressive independent schools.

Every child loves going to school and is nurtured and respected as a unique individual.

Our students are compassionate and confident; they possess a joy for learning and are academically and socially primed to thrive in the next level of their educational journey.

Our faculty are professionals who inspire students to think deeply, critically, and globally while challenging them to achieve their full academic potential.

All FWM employees are aligned with the school’s mission and model its attributes through their words and actions.

Our academic program is engaging, innovative, and effective for a variety of learners.

Fraser Woods Montessori is recognized as a premiere Toddler through 8th Grade independent, Montessori school in the Northeast.